February 23 – 7th Sunday or Ordinary Time

The bulletin for the week can be found here.

February 28th is Ash Wednesday, Mass is at 7 pm.

On Ash Wednesday we begin a new journey of faith, a journey of spiritual renewal when we focus on the Passion of Christ and His death on the Cross. A cross is marked on our forehead. The ashes symbolize both our mortality and the need for penance.
During the season of Lent, we go out into the desert with Jesus as we fast, pray and give alms. It is there that Jesus invites us into deeper relationship and it is there that he pours out his grace to strengthen us as we become more fully his disciples. A very important and popular spiritual exercise during Lent is praying the Stations of the Cross.

Join us every Friday during Lent at 6:30 pm (prior to the 7 pm Mass) as we journey with Christ to His death on the Cross.

On March 8, we welcome Fr. Toby Collins from St. Mary’s Parish, and Francis Doyle, from the Chancery for our next event in the St. Agnes Education Cafe series.  Enjoy a coffee and an insightful talk, getting us thinking about the “big picture”  of our lives:  our priorities around time, money and all of the gifts we’ve been blessed with — like our relationships, our talents, our health and our wealth. A free event with a priceless message.   Click here for the Events page with all the details!

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