A Christmas Message From Fr. Aleks

What a year! Definitely one we will never forget.  You may probably hear a saying that the only good thing about 2020 is that it will be finished soon! This year however has been filled with many blessings as well.

While I’ve been reflecting on this year, I had thoughts of generosity and good will.  People have reached out to those who needed help. I’ve heard good stories of people helping elderly neighbours who did not want to expose themselves to crowds.  Store workers who have been tirelessly filling food orders, and keeping grocery stores open. Factory workers who keep our economy going.  Doctors and nurses who have sacrificed their own health in order to keep our healthcare system operating.  We just need to take a few moments to look around us to really see the goodness in others. I hope we have all played a part in making this pandemic less burdensome for others.

As of December 26, our St. Agnes Church will be closed once again for 28 days.  While we cannot gather together in communal prayer for the Eucharist, always remember that God is with us wherever we are.  I ask that you and your family take the time to thank God for the gift of His Son. Say “happy birthday Jesus”!

Some desolate people have said… where is God in this pandemic?  Well, God shows Himself through the good works of others.  If we look for the bad only, then we become blinded to the goodness of others.  This Christmas especially, let the LIGHT OF CHRIST into your heart, into your home.  The darkness of this pandemic will eventually pass if we let the True Light shine!

Merry Christmas!

Fr. Aleks Mazur

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