St Agnes CWL Book Sale

From St. Agnes CWL

Hello to all of my fellow readers: Hopefully you have been able to while away the hours reading and re-reading the books you had on hand during the latest shut-down. Now that the church is open, we can once again safely resume the sale of used books – but not until Monday. There was a small leak in the back corner ceiling of the room where the books were displayed and about half of the books had to be boxed and moved to the hall. The books themselves did not receive any water damage – they had to be removed so that the workers could access the area. I took a box of children’s books home with me and took a picture of some of the cutest children’s books (pictured below). If there are any teachers or parents of young ones, these are available and waiting for a good home – waiting safely in a box in my home. Send me a line if any of these pique your interest. 

I’ll send another notification, probably with pics, to let you know when we’re back in business at the church.

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