Webinar: “Pornography: The Threat, Impact and Catholic Remedy”

From the Hamilton Diocese

Pornography is one of the most important issues to understand in our world today. With the ease of its availability on the internet, it has affected people of all ages and backgrounds, whether male or female. Pornography today is violent and degrading and often involves young people who have been sex-trafficked.

Join us on Zoom (by internet or phone) on March 25th from 7:00-8:30 PM and hear more about the threat and impact of pornography on children and adults, how we can educate ourselves and our children to counter its negative influence and how our Catholic faith provides hope to those impacted.

Presented by Mrs. Teresa Hartnett and Deacon Joseph Di Loreto. Registration is required so we can send you the Zoom link, but the session is free of charge.

For more information and the registration link see: https://hamiltondiocese.com/offices/family-ministry/pornography-help.

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