Lending Library

The St. Agnes Lending Library is open!

Books, CD’s and DVD’s for babies, toddlers, early readers, young readers, teens, adults.

Books that are faith centred, enjoyable, informative , comforting and enlightening.

REGISTER NOW OR UPDATE YOUR CURRENT REGISTRATION:          Lending library registration form

The Library is located in the back of the church

Open:  Sundays after the 9am  and 11am Masses

Become a librarian!

  • Anyone can join
  • We will show you what to do
  • Join as a family
  • Help your high school student with his/her community service hours
  • It only takes 30 minutes on a Sunday morning a few times a year
  • To join our library team  or get more information just email Catherine Hewson at catherine_hewson@yahoo.ca

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