Child and Family

  • Birthright – Advocacy and counseling around family planning and the rights of children and the unborn.

178 Queen Street S., Kitchener
Phone: 579-3990

  • Family and Children’s Services – Mandated to protect children and support families when possible. Independent living for teens 15-19 years old. Child abuse should be reported.

Phone: 576-0540

  • Betty Thompson Centre – Support for kids on the street. Safe haven for children.

Phone: 742-2788 or 749-1459 (ROOF)

  • Community Justice Initiatives – Helps to find alternative ways of resolving conflict. Sexual abuse victim/offender reconciliation programs. Alternative punishment for young offenders

Phone: 744-6549

  • Citizens Concerned with Crimes Against Children – Advice and victim support for youth up to age 18.

Phone: 744-0904 (after hours answering machine)

  • Parents for Community Living – Parents who raise funds to offer respite facilities for families who are caring for developmentally challenged children at home.

82 Weber St., E., Kitchener
Phone: 519-742-5849

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