The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

What is it all about? The Catechesis of the Good  Shepherd is a religious formation program for children ages 3-12, inspired by  Maria Montessori, using her principles of education.    Catechists who are leading the sessions have taken a year-long training  on content and have mentored/observed techniques of other  catechists.

How does the program run?  The atrium is a room which is specially  prepared for children and contains materials that can help to teach them about  the faith.  There are child-sized  pieces of furniture in the room and it is filled with child-sized items used to  help children learn more about their Catholic faith.  For example, you can find small chalices  and patens, priestly vestments, a lectern, a Baptismal font, and a Paschal  candle, to name a few.  The idea behind the atrium is to give  children a quiet space and special time in which they can foster their  friendship with God and grow in knowledge of their faith – undistracted from the  noise of the world.

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Level I (3-6 years) unavailable at this time

Level II– (6-9 years) unavailable at this time

email to find a program in the area. Are you interested in teaching it?

Where is the program held?  St. Agnes Parish Hall

Cost: 1 child $50, 2 siblings $75

For more information email or call the parish office