Sacrament of Confirmation

Welcome to Sacramental Preparation at St. Agnes Parish.  We are very excited for the candidates and their families as you continue your journey towards this Sacrament of Maturity.


2020-2021 Confirmation students (Grade 7)

Your program and registration will start in November once last year’s Confirmations are complete.


 Links to forms and dates

2020/2021 Confirmation Program Dates coming son

Enrollment promise– form and fee to be handed in at enrollment ceremony 
Confirmation Name and Sponsor Form -Form to be handed in by February  meeting


Registration & Information Mass–  November

  • Please register before this meeting.  We cannot contact and include you until you contact us first.
  • Both your child and yourself need to be at the Mass and meeting to follow.
  • Bring a photocopy of your child’s baptism certificate to the meeting
  • If your child wants to participate with their class and you are a member of a different parish please contact your parish for a letter of acknowledgement from your priest that your child will be participating with their class at St Agnes.


Enrollment Mass                                                                                                                         your choice November…  _________________ At this Mass you will be officially received into the Confirmation program and hand in any final paperwork.  No meeting to follow.


If there are any questions, please contact Michelle Schill .    You may always speak to Fr. Aleks directly as well – please just call the office to arrange.



Sacramental preparation is the responsibility of the parish and parents. Any support teachers give is very much appreciated and a gift to the children. 

Some are YouTube videos. One is a Google Slide presentation that includes all the videos available from Dynamic Catholic from their Confirmation preparation program Decision Point.  Enjoy as part of your journey..

Sacraments 101: Confirmation (why we’re confirmed)

Confirmation | Catholic Central

Confirmation – Flame of Faith

Sophia SketchPad: Confirmation

Decision Point – Confirmation Preparation

Pope Francis on Confirmation and The Gift of The Holy Spirit

Another very insightful video by Fr. Robert Barron, founder of the internationally acclaimed documentary CATHOLICISM:


2020-2021 Confirmation


Spring 2020 Confirmations ( grade 8 students) were rescheduled for…

  rehearsal 6:30pm Confirmation 2pm
St Agnes/St Matthew Oct 21 (Wed) Oct 25 (Sun)
St Luke Oct 28 (Wed) Nov 1 (Sun)

Confirmation 2021-2022

Parents of all children who wish to receive the Sacrament Confirmation are to register on line during September for the coming year.  At all other times please contact the parish office 519.885.4480


After November 1st registration closes and all students interested in Confirmation will need to call the office to make an appointment directly with Father Aleks.

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