Discover Cursillo

CURSILLO is a Spanish word meaning “short course.  This reflects the one-time three day weekend course that participants experience.  Cursillo is an enriching prayer and joy filled weekend consisting of a short retreat, followed by a series of talks given by priests and veteran lay people in an atmosphere of spirituality and friendship.

After the weekend, the Cursillo method encourages participatation in on-going small friendship sharing groups and larger group meetings called Ultreyas.  The goal of the movement is that Christ be the prime influence in society. The primary objectives of the Cursillo Movement are to develop in adult Christians a consciousness of their role to bring Christ to their families, as well as to the places where they work and socialize, and to sustain them as they live their journey of faith. Cursillo is a method of growing closer to Jesus through Piety, Study and Action. Its intent is to develop strong Christians who feel the love of Christ and wish to ultimately bring His Good News to others. Thus, Cursillo’s long term purpose is to increase the awareness of the love of Jesus in our environment – at home, work and play.

Bonds are quickly formed. Prayer, song, solitude and fellowship make for a deep spiritual experience that is powerful and positive.

Participation in Cursillo is open to anyone. Applicants are sponsored by another Cursillista.

For information please contact:   Marg Weber @ 519-747-5937.