Our Pastor

Our Pastor:  Fr. Aleks Mazur, SAC

“Father Aleks was born Sept. 15, 1969 in Poland. He entered the Society of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottine Fathers) in 1988, and after seven years of formation to the priesthood

he was ordained May 6, 1995 by Cardinal Jozef Glemp. After his ordination, Fr. Aleks worked for two years as an Associate Pastor at Saint Vincent Pallotti Parish in Warsaw. He was then sent to Rome to study Fundamental Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University for his Doctoral Degree. Subsequent to his graduation six year later, he ministered for one year at St. Peter’s Italian Church in London, UK.

After his year in London he was a lecturer at the Pallottine Seminary in Oltarzew, Poland.

At the invitation of Bishop Tonnos to the Polish Pallottines, Fr. Aleks was asked by his Superiors to take the position as Pastor of Saint Ambrose Parish in Cambridge in 2006 and from there he (went) to St. Gabriel Parish”. (Bio information on Fr. Aleks taken from the St. Gabriel website: www.saintgabrielchurch.com where Fr. Alex previously served, until joining St. Agnes as Pastor, June 26th, 2013))

We warmly welcome Fr. Aleks to our community here at St. Agnes.


Our Pastor 2002 – 2013, Fr. Piotr Machnacki, SAC

Fr. Piotr Machnacki co-hosts a radio show every Sunday night on our local Community Radio station, 98.5 FM CKWR?  He writes:

“Our radio show is at 9.30 pm every Sunday. It is Catholic-patriotic show www.radioopoznejporze.com guided by Mr. Ireneusz Milczarczyk, Mr. Jan Mazur and Fr. Piotr Machnacki.

We speak about the most important events from the social, political and Christian world. We offer good music as a kind of “comment” for our talks. We are open for calls from listeners creating life communication with our listeners”

An interview with Fr. Piotr Machnacki S.A.C. on his 25th Anniversary of Ordination.

I was born in the northern part of Poland in the city of Slawno.  The place of my birth and childhood is situated near Gdansk, very close to the beautiful, but cold, Baltic Sea.

My family consists of my beloved parents, Helena & Stanislaw, who a few years ago celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and a sister, Agnes, a brother, Mark, with their families.  My family, especially my mother and sister are associated with schools as teachers. Even my nieces, Ann Marie and Violetta Magdalena decided to do the same and are finishing their first year of pedagogy at University in Koszalin.

I did my first elementary classes at a small school where my mother was the only teacher. The rest of my classes I completed in Jaroslawiec. I remember the beautiful view of the open Baltic Sea from my desk in the classroom and the lighthouse which was flashing at night helping the fisherman to stay clear of the rock and get to safety in the harbour. I had one brainwave in my mind as a youngster – to be a fisherman, being helped by the light of the lighthouse. My high school education was in the field of electronics. This school prepared me to study engineering but after final exams at the end of high school I decided to change my ideas and I entered into the Novitiate of the Pallottine Fathers. I remember that Pope John Paul II helped me to make my final decision because I had the occasion to share a few words with him during his Pilgrimage to Poland in 1979. Then – no fisherman, no lighthouse, no engineering, no teaching according to family traditions,  but a Pallottine fisherman of people.

As with every boy from Europe, most important was: number one soccer, number two soccer and number three, soccer. As a boy I played handball and enjoyed skating. Here in Canada, with pleasure, I play tennis and in the winter I enjoy cross-country skiing.

I had a very nice childhood in the old family home where my parents still live and I have my familiar harbour where I can return. I remember as a young boy my games and play with my friends after school. During holidays I remember our trips and games on the Baltic Beach.

After my Novitiate I entered into the seminary of the Pallottine Fathers in Oltarzew near Warsaw. I studied philosophy and theology for six years. After Ordination to the Priesthood, May 10, 1986, I was sent to one parish to work as an assistant priest. It was Ozarow Mazowiecki, the present Sanctuary of Divine Mercy for the Archdiocese of Warsaw. After only one year of this pastoral experience I began my studies at the Gregorian University in Rome where I studied theology and spirituality.

I enjoy all food but being in Italy I enjoyed Italian pasta, spaghetti and specialty Italian sweets and pastries.

My decision to become a priest was made during my final high school days. However, it was a long process. My presence in a religious youth group helped me with my decision.

My most memorable moment during these past 25 years was the day of my Ordination to the Priesthood which completely changed my lifestyle. I have beautiful memories of love and belonging connected with my studies at the Gregorian University; new friends, priests and sisters from around the world and a much larger vision of our Church. Of course I also had the joy of visiting the most beautiful places in Italy.

Everything is in the hands of God and I will follow God`s will on the path of my life. As a priest and pastor I would like to taste the fruits of my pastoral efforts and my sharing of Jesus’ teaching with others.

After 25 years of my pastoral service I would like to see children and youth who enjoy Sacramental life, parents who are open to building their lives on the basis of Christian values and simply – holy people filling our churches. It is my dream, a realistic dream, I think.

Thank you very much for our interview.

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